1999-2001 Produced designs and wrote a poem for articles that appeared in the Arty Mento Magazine (psychology periodical), Istanbul.

2000 Sculpted the bust of The Presidential Symphony Orchestra Conductor, Prof. Gurer Aykal. It is still in Bilkent University, Ankara.

2000 A Sculpture "Reborn" commissioned by a doctor in  Istanbul.

1999 A Sculpture "Depression" commisioned by a doctor in Istanbul.

1999 Sculpted promotional sculptures commissioned by "The Art I Mento" magazine of Istanbul, to be distributed to psychiatrists.

1996-1999 Teaching; Basic Art Education and Art History at the private school, Istasyon Art Center. Istanbul, Turkey.

1995 Designed and installed lighting, glass and mirror elements in the first modern shopping mall of Moscow, Russia.

1995 Sculpted the symbols of Bruno Candies Franchise, Turkey.

1995 Designed lighting glass elements of Ankara Presidential Glass Palace.

1994 Headed the restoration of historical sculpters in Istanbul Presidential Palace.

1994 Sculpted the bust of Prof. Jale Inan, a world reknowned archeologist. It is still in The Archeology Museum's library, Antalya. Turkey.

1991-1993 Participated in archeological field works in Side, Turkey.

1990-1993 Participated in sculpture restoration at the Istanbul and Antalya Archeology Museums.

Down below are a sculpture, drawings and a poem that appeared in "Art I Mento" magazine.





Lighting, glass and mirror elements